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I have a question for you, what is the strangest thing you have found in the belly of a fish? Most recently we had a 54 lb dolphin spit out on deck a 25 inch dolphin! I also found a yogurt container with a baby triggerfish in the container in the belly of a big bull dolphin, I think the trigger swam into the yogurt dish for cover and the dolphin just ate them both! We learn a lot about the fish we try so hard to catch by checking the stomach contents and studying what they eat. One summer in Key West all of the dolphin I was catching were full of sea horses from the sargassum weeds, I would dry them out and bring a pocket full dried out sea horses with me to happy hour and hang them by the curly tails all over Turtle Kraals and Schooners Wharf, that was 11 years ago and the last time I was there I could still see a few that were hiding up high.