Targeted Species

Blue Marlin

Weighing in at up to 1,400 lbs, Blues are the holy grail for offshore sportfisherman. We troll artificial lures for them that mimic their normal food of tuna, mahi and squid. Best months for Blues are Feb – June in the Bahamas, though they are not as common off Miami.

White Marlin

Whites are the smallest marlin species we come across, and can be caught on fairly light tackle.  They can be very difficult to hook, as they have a knack for hitting the baits without getting stuck.  Best months are the same as for Blue Marlin.


The fastest fish in the ocean, hitting speeds up to 65 mph!  These billfish average 30-70 lbs and we usually fish for them with light tackle, using live bait suspended below kites off Miami, although we do catch them trolling in the Bahamas on occasion. Best months are Nov – April.


Swordfish weighing up to 700 lbs are caught using specialized techniques off Miami year round.  We fish for them on the bottom in 1700 ft of water, using squid and bonito for bait.


Fluorescent colors and high speeds are the trademarks of these fish.  We catch them year round, but the best months are from Feb – July.  They are outstanding table fare, fight hard, and are usually pretty cooperative. They average 10 – 25 lbs, but our boat record is 54 lbs. 


Perfectly streamlined, with fins that retract into grooves in their bodies and eyes that are flat instead of bulging out, tuna are some of the strongest pound for pound fighters we face.  They have excellent vision and even better stamina.  They average 10 – 100 lbs and are most often found in the spring and late summer.


Long, streamlined fish with blue tiger stripes and teeth like the edge of a steak knife, they are very fast fish, and are most plentiful in the winter months.  We catch them in Miami and the Bahamas, with Bimini being a top spot.  They make GREAT sushi!


There are a variety of snapper and grouper that we catch, and all are very good eating. Depending on the species, we catch them in water as shallow as 10ft to as deep as 1500 ft. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try spearfishing for them too. Most snapper are under 5 lbs, while the groupers average a little bigger, and can reach close to 100 lbs.

Happy Bycatch

In addition to our targeted species, we catch a wide variety of other species, including: Cobia, Jacks, Sharks, Mackerel and Barracuda. Also, we regularly catch spiny lobster on our charters in the Bahamas, which we spear on shallow water reefs while snorkeling. Seafood doesn’t get any fresher!!