We are on our way to Bimini and we have a three of our favorite lures out to make the trip a bit more interesting. We are always going slow when we are crossing deep blue water, it saves wear and tear on the boat and on our fuel cost….its also a fantastic way to catch blue marlin. Our all around go to lure gets crushed on a 30 wide and we are about to get spooled, I’ve been in reverse for a what feels like forever and Sam is giving me that look like he is helpless and nothing he can do about our dire situation.

With just a few yards left on the spool we spot a blue marlin jumping way way back and we know that’s our fish. Sam does a great job and gets all the line back and we have an estimated 350 lb marlin behind the boat in 30 min. The fish had done a cartwheel on the leader was sort of hog-tied, as we grabbed the leader the fish somehow gets the line off its tail and is doing the usual dirty tricks of darting back and forth behind the boat, we missed our one chance to tag the fish and we hang on tight, pull the hook and off she goes. We get to talking as we always do after a memory like that is made and we realize that we have seen 7 blue marlin on our lines while crossing the gulf stream in the last year, we have landed 4 of the 7, not bad for unexpected fish that we are now starting to expect! The fishing in Bimini has not been red hot for us yet this year but we have still caught some nice sailfish on the troll and a few wahoo the biggest so far at 40lb. We also have been dropping live bait on the reefs and had some unexpected surprises like an African Pompano and some very big Amberjacks. At the end of our fishing days we have been hand feeding Bull sharks at the Big Game Club.

Like always on our way home we put our lure spread back out and not 5 min later I’m watching a blue marlin going nuts behind the boat grey hounding and putting on a show, the only problem is I don’t see what rod its on. It took a minute to set in but the fish had broke our main line on the strike we are not sure how it happened but at least we didn’t have a mystery fish and we got to see the show. We set back up and get another shot at what we thought was a blue on the same lure in the same spot ten minutes later, i circle back and we didn’t see it again. I’m starting to think that the blue marlin fishery is getting back to the way it was for Hemingway when he wrote Island In The Stream. As we near Miami we have our 30 get hit again on my favorite lure and its a sailfish in 2000 ft of water, it never jumped and we didn’t know what we had until we were at the leader. That always makes the blood pump a bit harder for me!

Thanks to the Campbells for being such great guest, Chris I’m waiting for you to upload your pictures!
If you would like to know what lures we have been catching all these marlin on come fishing with us!